Unpublished Consequences

Forever upon you is the words you speak, for they flow through the air never to return. Words in print can out live you, so it is said. What is the Consequences of your Unpublished words? Just a lifetime of saying less and letting others get more. Meaningful words that people will remember, stories told and retold time after time. Since the first writings on the walls of hidden caves we are known for what we leave behind in our words. The Unpublished Consequences!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The consequences of three grandmothers

It is "time" that entraps us in her web, just like a spider waiting for it's meal. So very long ago these two different women unknowingly gave birth to a child that would grow up to be my own two parents. My two grandmothers, from both sides of my bloodline. I look into their eyes and wonder what it would have been like to know them. I had no grandmother I could call grandma. I never had cookies she would have baked, or the kisses and the hugs while she was spoiling me. Weathered by time...one of them died of an illness when my father was only seven years old...the other was distant by location and by heart. Though she lived to be older, she was not a wise woman. She was never alive,for I did not know her. When she passed away...the news was just that, I smelling yellows roses and could not even find a tear to give away. Because of these two women, I became the best grandma based on what I knew I did not have and always wanted. Therefore, I baked cookies and gave away kisses and hugs. I spent time with my grandchildren so they "will know who I am" and "who I was" when I am no longer around. When my photograph is placed in the web due to the entrapment of time, may I be remembered as a kind lady of wisdom. The consequences of three grandmothers before you: for I have eight grandchildren, the other one had none that she knew of, she died at 27, she never saw her babies grow up and she had twins. The other woman just did not care. As a golden ring goes round and round so does life it's self. We can choice to be just like the negative things in our lives or was can be different, breaking the circle. My children will love their grandchildren base on what they saw in me. My grandchildren will remember what a grandma I was and they will bake cookies for their grandchildren..the circle is broken and a new tradition replaces the negative yet the circle goes on. 

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