Unpublished Consequences

Forever upon you is the words you speak, for they flow through the air never to return. Words in print can out live you, so it is said. What is the Consequences of your Unpublished words? Just a lifetime of saying less and letting others get more. Meaningful words that people will remember, stories told and retold time after time. Since the first writings on the walls of hidden caves we are known for what we leave behind in our words. The Unpublished Consequences!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I await my time with the eagerness of a child. The doors of opportunity has opened for me. How could I see I was being calling for just great casting, out of thousands of people who know the ropes so much better then myself why would He call my name?. But God know the play and he has read the book. He know who will fill the parts as he places them, He is a fine director is He the best. I will wait for His direction, I have a lead part. I will be all I can be and do the best I can . LIFE GOD”S WAY what a Catchy title.

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